Issue I

With boundless enthusiasm, we are thrilled to unveil the inaugural collection from Juste Literary,
Issue I. This remarkable compilation embarks on a journey through the myriad seasons of the
human heart, crafted to evoke a rollercoaster of emotions within each reader.

Mourning: dance of one I dance in the puddles, barefoot Going where the water lures me My steps shatter the […]

The fire escape finds meaning The fire escape on the side of my building has been gone  on a long […]

Drenched You are god-soaked — a hay dream that drenches the prairies and all of the haloes pour through You […]

Imagine Joker Reading This “This is a safe space,” that is what they say, in that voice, you know the […]

Man-made his god  Prayer for the World “Let the rain come and wash away the ancient grudges and the bitter […]

Seated It’s how he saw them How he painted their portraits Watched them walk, creaking, stiff Not really going anywhere […]

Crouch grass No one likes us. We don’t care . We’re the crouch grass army And we’ll grow anywhere! You […]

Keeping a five-year-old entertained on a 65-degree Easter Afternoon  Bouncing bunny, all springs, small anticipation,  hiding eggs with kindergarten grace,  […]

Night Sweats Jewish graves desecrated. Dogs and other animals eating the corpses. Not everything is a metaphor for something else. […]

Ball is Round Damn cold air woke me up this morning.  The wind blew so hard, my cardboard mat started […]

She Had her bright face — still, the light shined behind her in that purfle. I contacted her face & […]

Change of Venue  At first, Lance’s biggest worry was that he would be late, that his plane would not land […]

With A Calendar In Fading Light I Remember Amiri Baraka If we are bound to each other it’s by a […]

Bagatelle In A-Major When I was ten my mother drove me to piano lessons every Wednesday. My piano teacher was […]

The Ship Song  My ship is strong and carries all My friends and family with me. The sea can’t wreck […]

The Boyfriend Hailey didn’t have a boyfriend. That was what she told everybody, not realizing nobody cared.  Simone struggled to […]

The Scent of the Hand Soap Is Called “Leaves” Along the west perimeter of the parking garage, the side opens […]

Alexa by Eric Lande

Alexa I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. No, not because of anything that had […]

Ashford, 2011 5am  Stark, ugly wasteland.  Sunlight taints the rotting walls,  Dust pillages doors.  8am  Children screeching, cars  Revving, congestion […]

Love Talk ‘I have no idea what language they’re speaking,’ Emily said. ‘No, but they sound happy,’ Burke responded. Plates […]

To Play This Poem You must use a mind turntable. It is not available in eight track, cassette or CD. […]

Cahokia There weren’t always dragons in the valley. For the last few centuries, they had been merely folk legend; awareness […]

COME HERE When you’re tired from struggling all day long and your legs are dragging, Come, come here and wear […]

Postcards When I was 19 and about to go off to University in Istanbul, I promised my grandad that I […]

Cathexis a tender forehead hidden under strands of shiny, black hair that also veils the corner of my eyes each […]

Jerome Berglund, recently nominated for the Touchstone awards and Pushcart Prize, has many haiku, haibun and haiga exhibited and forthcoming online […]

I Find Centuries Between Moments It’s muddled, my awakening. Just as it’s always been. I stumble from slumber with sand […]

Hannah’s poetry and art collections are: Word Magpie (Audience Askew, 2024, Forthcoming), Subrogation (Seashell Books, 2023), and One-Handed Pianist (Hekate Publishing, 2021).

MIRROR UNISON On the pond’s surface a tree reflection etches its shadow – a woman dances backwards same steps as […]

Milk Cow Fahad entered the dressing room, the ringing applause of the audience still echoing in his mind. He had […]

Busy by Glenis Moore

Busy There are never enough hours in a day, minutes in an hour, seconds in a minute. The list of […]

The Villain The villain had escaped from another story, she wouldn’t tell me which one but she had fairytale written […]

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