Juste Literary is an online space established April, 2023. Dedicated to showcasing all voices of poetry, prose, arts, hybrid, aerations and others.


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Anas Adelopo

Editor In Chief

Anas (He/Him) is a Designer , Writer and a Veterinary Medicine student from Nigeria. He enjoys solving problems through beautiful design and experiences. A designer that has helped startups create amaizing designs that has helped them scale. He writes at medium at his leisure. He tweets from; @anasadelopo​

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Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi

associate editor

Abdullah (He/Him) is a Writer, Hakuist and a Veterinary Medicine student from Nigeria. A Thomas Dylan Shortlist, The Second Runner-up Wingless dreamers 2023 Poetry Contest and A Pushcart Nominee, He reads submissions at Sea glass literary magazine and edits for the incognito press. His works are published in Gone Lawn, Hooligan Magazine, Lumiere Review, South Dakota Review, Misery Tourism, SINK and more. He tweets from; @oaferanmi_

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