Ashford 2011 by Delilah Dennett

Ashford, 2011


Stark, ugly wasteland. 

Sunlight taints the rotting walls, 

Dust pillages doors. 


Children screeching, cars 

Revving, congestion flumes flood 

Dizzying bus lanes.


Haggard faces scout

Secondhand goods, wondering 

What lives they held once. 


Chaos: they flee school gates. 

Already they want to leave

Somewhere far removed. 


He roars into night,

Pounding darkness into pulp – why

Won’t he love me back.

Delilah Dennett is a writer and performer from the UK. Her work has been featured in The Dial, Cambridge Notes and West Trade Review, amongst other publications. She recently completed her first novel and she is in the process of writing a one-woman play called A Mother’s Monologue. You can follow her on Instagram at @delilahdennett. 

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