Cathexis by Heather Ann Pulido


a tender forehead

hidden under strands

of shiny, black hair

that also veils

the corner of my eyes

each eyelash

on eyelids shut by sleep

or tears 

that run down

red, fluffed cheeks

and quivering lips

before dripping down

the cup of my chin

outstretched palms 

with light fingertips

that gather to my level chest

to staunch a numbing ache

and then press clumsily

to my unflattering gut,

to arrest the fluttering

the valleys and hills

across the length of

my heavy legs,

all the way down 

to my constantly

tripping feet

you knew them all.

     they still know you.

Heather Ann Pulido is a Kankanaey-Ibaloi and bisexual author from Baguio City, Philippines. Her work appears in Roi Fainéant Press, streetcake magazine, The Hooghly Review, and other badass magazines. She is a poetry editor at JAKE and has been nominated twice for the Best of the Net.

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