The Fire Escape Has Meaning by Lynn Finger

The fire escape finds meaning

The fire escape on the side of my building has been gone 

on a long road trip, where pull-down ladders can live more 

freely, yank bolts from walls and steel stands, and also 

lean picturesquely in a ghostly sunset where fracture-resistant 

platforms ply against brick facades, like waves scour 

a boat. 

There’s lots to do in a city for an untethered 

fire escape—bridge a river, and back flip through the park, 

racing rungs through the wind where the handholds whistle

like pirate ships hail each other, an exquisite thrill. 

But that was yesterday. 

Today the fire escape is 

outside my window again, and is so full of stance and presence

any crane or pelican might land, to craft a towering nest 

right there, to look over grey downtown while the glass 

of the office windows reflects blocks of gold fire 

through its elegant rungs. 

Lynn Finger’s works have appeared in 8Poems, Fairy Piece, Drunk Monkeys, and ONE ART: a journal of poetry. Lynn also released a poetry chapbook, “The Truth of Blue Horses,” by Alien Buddha Press ( Lynn edits Harpy Hybrid Review, and her Twitter is @sweetfirefly2.”

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