She Had by Israel Okonji

She Had

her bright face — still, the

light shined behind her

in that purfle. I contacted her face

& measured it like melting ambergrise

for an eau de cologne.

her pancaked cheeks were so buff they

looked like the light heading the trinity

on Castillo de los Baux. the espresso

cup on the desk was her gownʼs twin.

her cheeks stretched & faded her brown —

it still looked buff like 

my purple t-shirt gift dried around mercury.

her lover sent a parcel. Moét bends

from its Montparnasse akimbo, then pours

into the glass.

they paused to rent a moment in a

cameraʼs sclera.

the cameraʼs lens blinked to rebuild them

with light.

Aimon le fils de Margot owns the studio.

Margaux blew a kiss: Susanne tasted the

champagne. their affection was christened.

the eiffel, that night,

was christened.

Israel Okonji (He / Him) is a Southern Nigerian artist of poetry, storytelling & music. He is published @ Brittle Paper, Bruiser Magazine, Midsummer Magazine, Wasteland review — & forthcoming ones @ Hiraeth zine, & Querencia Pressʼ anthology. He listens to music ranging from Nas, the Wu-Tang Clan to Chris Brown, Alicia Keys. He hopes to fulfill his dream of collecting records like Craig Kallman. He has a special place for Brit actress Emma Watson & American singer / dancer Normani in his heart. He tweets @izrltrcz. 

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