Come Here by Nazaret Ranea


When you’re tired

from struggling all day long

and your legs are dragging,

Come, come here

and wear mine.

When your arms weigh

as much as your Christ’s,

dress in my flesh, wait to

see how surprised you’ll be

by the taste of beer on the

tip of your tongue.

Your skin will itch in the places

where men have kissed it,

your head will throb with a buzz

in the ears from too many parties.

When you want to be alone

for a little while but you’re

too ashamed to ask for it,

go hide under my jacket.

When the world tightens and

doesn’t fit through your chest,

when the evening stagnates,

come here, grandmother,

so I can lend you my body.

Born in 1999 in Malaga, Spain, now residing in Edinburgh, Scotland, Nazaret Ranea is an emerging poet recognized as one of Scotland’s Next Generation Young Makars. Nazaret is the author of the zine My Men and the editor of the anthology For Those Who Tend the Soil,which was published in partnership with the Scottish Poetry Library. She is currently working on her debut anthology. She frequently participates in many spoken work events in Scotland, has been featured in BBC Radio Scotland and debuted at the 2023 Fringe festival. You can find out more about Nazaret’s work on

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