Writing About Things and The Economy’s Been Bad by Gene Goldfarb

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Writing About Things

I never wrote about an aunt

who ran away with a salesman. 

I never wrote about a nephew

who invented a bar of soap

that never got smaller till

you wondered what to do with it.

I never thought about where

the bum on the street slept.

I never thought what happened

to dogs once they got back

into those cramped apartments.

Wait! I did think about my uncle

Max, who was a prize fighter 

in Hungary, who according to 

my mother went around with

prostitutes, who my mother

disapproved of.

The Economy’s Been Bad

I watch and listen to it on TV.

Should I run out and buy stuff?

That would only make the billionaires richer.

Should I hold on to my money?

That would only cause them to tighten their belts.

and fire the kid who needed the part-time job

a week sooner so their dividend check

wouldn’t suffer one iota.

Should I close the TV and not listen

to their drivel at all?

That would make me a semi-recluse

and what good would that do?

  The doorman’s been eyeing me,

  a bit skeptically lately.

  Maybe my Christmas present to him

  was a bit stingy this year.

  Should I just wish him a good day

  and make his day a smidge nicer?

  Yep, that would only cost me my breath.

Gene Goldfarb lives in New York City, where he ponders, love, hate, mortality and what’s up with the guy who hangs around the building. He loves movies, books, travel, and international cuisine. His poetry has appeared in the small press including: Black Fox, The Daily Drunk, The Gorko Gazette, Rat’s Ass Review, and Bullshit Lit.

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