Sit By Me by Elliot Rubin

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Sit by me

the old wooden pier 

is peaceful 

my legs hang  

as cool mountain lake water

flows through toes  

small sunfish scoot under 

while listless, i watch 

a lone hawk spread magnificent  

circles the water 

small birds hide in trees 

which line the shoreline 

like a waistband holding back a bloated dinner

the sun has passed noon

shadows float out from the shoreline

reaching, stretching, trying 

to cover everything it can, and

eventually will

but i should be gone by then

building a fire encased by ancient stones 

dug out when my home’s foundation was formed, 

and the underbrush 

pruned back, trees cleared, land leveled 

allows me to relax and

view humanity’s vision of nature

when back on my old wooden dock

elliot m. rubin is a New Jersey poet who has published over thirty books of poetry, facilitates two Zoom poetry critique groups, posts daily on Instagram and has over 10,200 poets following him. He also won first place in the Poets Corner Poetry Contest and has had poems published in assorted anthologies.

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