Summer Solstice by Bernard Pearson

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Unhook the days and let them to the meadow run,
Free the manacled birds from their prison nests
And have them sup nectar from the fulsome sun.
Bid the blossom into fruit and rally all the corn to crop,
Calm the cow to calf and collect the eggs from the coop.
Request the rain to kindly know its place and when to stop.
Pick the early pear, break out the strawberry treats
And laugh at winter, in her cowl of baleful grey
As for now and with not a backward glance she retreats.

Bernard Pearson is a poet whose works appear in over one hundred publications worldwide, including; Aesthetica Magazine and The Edinburgh Review, In 2017, a selection of his poetry ‘In Free Fall’ was published by Leaf Press. In 2019, he won second prize in The Aurora Prize (Poetry). He has also recently published two novels. He runs and tweets via @BernardPearso19

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