Mulberry Wine by Arushi Rege

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Mulberry wine

cw: blood, references to abuse

your words wrap around my throat / choking me / your hands, inside my mouth / down / down / down / stealing the words / right from my lips / i want to scream or shout or cry / you make me swallow your heart / and punch me right in the stomach / so i throw it back up / bleeding mess of your love / mulberry wine / coating my hands / you swallow my heart / run off before i get the chance to take it back / say yes to heaven, darling / lana del rey’s crooning along / her voice drowns out my screams / she drowns out my voice / the one you took / mulberry wine / my throat hoarse / blood coats my mouth again / fourth time this week / hold on / wait a minute / i still need you / i gave you my heart / calcified / wrapped in my final vow / a morbid mimicry / cheap / mary shelley copycat / you kept it on your desk / ornamental, made to show off / because i swallowed it / your heart / and you forced me / so i threw it up / your love / synonymous with anger / with hatred / with violence / and you, synonymous with love / i tried, you know / tried to let you swallow mine / tried to be okay without my heart / you can’t leave me here / please / i want my heart back, at least / please / mulberry wine, once again / this time, cherry wine too / lipsticks in the form of cigarettes / the ones you wanted to kiss off me / i have everything you hated now / blood, ashes and me / this is just funny now / the radio plays some angry love song / all i wanted, paramore / perhaps / this is just funny now / our love, described in four words / cigarettes, blood, ashes / and of course / you

 Arushi (Aera) Rege is a queer, Indian-American poet who simultaneously attends junior year in high school. In their free time, they compete in speech and debate, stress over college, and attempt to be a normal teenager. They tweet occasionally @academic_core and face the perils of instagram @aeranem_26.

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