Gimme Shelter by Lee Hammerschmidt

room, bunker, shelter-7348721.jpg

The surprise attack by the government forces had left the rebel insurgent army in disarray.
They were forced to flee their camp in all directions, leaving their tents, food, clothing, weapons and other gear behind as they scattered through the jungle. To make matters worse, rain from a tropical storm began pouring down.
“Where do we go? What do we do?” Bobo Cerveza asked his comrade, Carlos Marx. The two men had become separated from the main group. They were lost, dazed and extremely confused.
“We’ve got to ride the storm out,” Carlos said. “We need to make a lean-to shelter of some kind.”
The men began desperately trying to construct a covering from branches and leaves, but it was no match for the wind and rain.
“Argh!” Bobo screamed, drenched to the bone. “If only we had our tents.”
“I know, Bobo,” Carlos said. “We’re not in canvas anymore.”

©2023 Lee Hammerschmidt

Lee Hammerschmidt is a Visual Artist/Writer/Troubadour. He is the author of the short story collections, A Hole Of My Own, It’s Noir O’clock Somewhere, For Richer or Noirer, Flash Wounds, and Pulp Stains. Check out his hit parade on YouTube!

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