Delicious Ambiguity and Preservation by Maria Nobile

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Delicious Ambiguity

No longer constrained by one language
I wander into this ambiguous global world
Where miscommunications are commonplace
And people just adjust
Where Si, No(n) replace Yes and No
Where people are more understanding but albeit more confused
Everything is up for interpretation.
One’s identity
One’s character
Even one’s name
Reinventing oneself and finding one true self are not unknown in this blessed place.


How many slings and arrows can one soul endure?
Too many if the soul is in
Obligation and duty are ingrained in our psyche.
Sacrifices are what are often required.
But how many must one woman make?
Too many if her soul is at stake.
Isn’t it nobler to preserve oneself?

Maria Grace Nobile is from New York City. Her work has been published in Agape Review, Livina Press, and Poetry as Promised Literary Magazine and it also appears in an anthology, Inked with Passion, and Love Letters to a Thousand Yesterdays. She is currently a university lecturer of modern languages. She loves writing poetry, both spiritual and prose, and in various languages.  You can find her on Twitter: MariaG.Nobilepoetry@gnovb2. She is also found on Instagram :

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